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RBMA world tour

Red Bull Music Academy
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Red Bull Music Academy World Tour posters

The challenge

10 cities. 10 events.
One cross media campaign.
The Red Bull Music Academy is a world-traveling symposium of music and knowledge founded in 1998. In the lead up to the 2011 event in Madrid the Red Bull Music Academy embarked on a World Tour going straight to the heart of today’s most crucial musical movements – and taking listeners beyond the beat.

The world tour unleashed ten ground-breaking celebrations and explorations in ten different cities around the globe featuring signature concerts, workshops, art installations, studio sessions and parties all in extraordinary locations.

For each of the ten events our team at Edenspiekermann established a unique identity playing on the event’s theme and location. This came to life in the form of posters, a website and a banner campaign. With the team, I worked on the creation and illustration of the respective event identies. The team consisted of myself (design and illustration), Steven Cook (creative direction), Sven Ellingen (digital) and Sarah Lincoln (digital).

RBMA Melbourne poster
RBMA Berlin poster

Into the wild

In an extremely tight time frame, our digital team worked from the identities we had created and adapted them into series of micro sites. In addition, a wide range of printed promotional material was created in just a matter of days. Yikes.
RBMA World Tour website
RBMA World Tour South Africa
RBMA World Tour websites

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