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Mapping Creativity

DIT School of Art, Design and Printing
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DIT School of Art, Design and Printing Graduate Show

The brief

6 very different creative courses. Create a single encompassing grad show identity.

The identity needed a common denominator that could represent all students of diverse school of art, design and printing? The idea? Pick something all the art, design and printing students have in common: The creative process. Working with fellow designer Maeve Keane, we created a concept to discover and visualise ‘the science’ of the students’ creative processes.

The project spanned three months and involved designing all the graphics and branding for the show, posters, website, signage and a 176 page catalogue compiled with the graduating students’ work.

DIT catalogue cover
DIT School of Art, Design and Printing Graduate Show


We interviewed all 147 students from the school about their personal creative process and build information graphics on their creative processes.

DIT infographic legend


Creative beats

What particular genre of music fuels the individuals creative spark? Rock, reggae or R&B, is the secret of creativity hidden in the beats?

DIT creative beats infographic


Day or night?

Day or night, awake or asleep, the creative forces can strike an individual at any time. What time of day are our students at their most creative, and when do ideas strike?

DIT day infographic
DIT night infographic


Creative fuel

Like an engine, creativity needs fuel to run. What is the top fuel to keep the creative spark running long after the stroke of midnight? Each ‘fuel’ is averaged by a single student’s daily consumption.

DIT creative fuel inforgraphic

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