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Design Thinking Visualised

Design Thinking

Erik Spiekermann | Partake AG
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The brief

Visualise a publication on design thinking.
Include nude images if possible.
Working with Erik Spiekermann on a new book on design thinking, the brief was to illustrate the title pages and smaller, handdrawn diagrams throughtout. Humour and play were key to quickly communicate and visualise complex topics and processes.

The project was later extended into an app version, with a custom webfont, UI and a further 40 illustrations and animations created.
Design Thinking Visualised

Design Thinking Visualised divider


Design Thinking Visualised divider


Design Thinking Visualised divider


Lost in translation

Design Thinking Visualised

Very soon into the project, I realised one rather serious stumbling block in the project: despite my three years in Berlin, I still had a poor (meaning non-existant) grasp on the German language. Considering the entire publication was written in German, this was a problem. For example: I had absolutely no idea what the above spread was about. After some discussion with Erik, I drew some eye-sperms.

As the project progressed, and my German skills showed no signs of improvement, email exchanges such as the following became commonplace. Desperately trying to avoid looking like an idiot, I made valiant attempts to guess the spelling of certain words such as:

Lost in Translation

Inevitably, I had entirely misunderstood:

Design Thinking Visualised illustration

To this day, my German has not improved.

app time

The next stage of the project was to create a UI concept, 40 additional illustrations and animations the accompanying iOS app.

Given the nature of the illustration style used in the book, a native iOS styled app felt entirely inappropriate for the project. instead, we decided to draw the entire app UI by hand and use Scrawl as the primary font for headlines, buttons and other UI components.

iOS UI design

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