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Escape to the world of stories
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The challenge

Create a magical way to escape.

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Reading is much more than simple entertainment. Stories are the way we escape to a place where anything is possible. This project was much more than a branding or UI exercise — it was about creating a magical way to escape to the world of stories.

At Edenspiekermann, we were briefed to develop the strategic brand core, name, visual brand identity and the digital product for a new Berlin based e-reading subscription service.

The project has been featured in quite a few publications including Under Consideration’s Brand New, It’s Nice That, NET magazine and winning Site of The Day and The Developer Award on Awwwards.

Blloon logo
Blloon logo

Taking flight

We started out by researching the most spectacular (and often impossible) vehicles and flying machines in both history and fiction.

Our project room soon started to resemble a mad inventor‘s laboratory with the walls covered in images of Leonardo flying machine drawings, illustrations from Jules Verne, zeppelins, Victorian air balloons, submarines and pretty much everything in between.

After narrowing down our selection to a flying chair, a submarine and a spaceship we landed upon a strange looking balloon with a odd propellor at the front — there was no doubt this would be the logo.

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Blloon illustrations
Blloon illustrations
Blloon illustrations
Blloon illustrations
Blloon illustrations
Blloon illustrations


Primary colours

The Colour Purple

Scarlet Letter Red

One Ring Gold

Secondary colours

The Fresh Lime

The Orange Moon

The Green Mile

Devil In A Dress Blue

Shades of Grey

100 Shades of Grey

90 Shades of Grey

70 Shades of Grey

50 Shades of Grey

40 Shades of Grey

20 Shades of Grey


Paul Woods (Design Director), Christian Hanke, Louise Fuglsang, Christoph Rauscher, Matt Berridge, Lorenz Seeger, Charles-Axel Pauwels, Sara Hesse, Sibyl Cherry Lai, Sharon Walsh, Robert Stulle, Thomas Walsch, Stephanie Szabo.

Check it out over at www.blloon.com.

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