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Herein lies the website of Paul Woods, CCO of Edenspiekermann. Co-founder of Adloids. Professional wanker.

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The Onion for advertising and design.
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An ode to the most honest industry on Earth.
Adloids website
What’s better than sex, drugs or rock n’ roll? Advertising of course! Together with the masterful Kevin Growick, we created Adloids, a satirical ode to this noble profession. From dead gorillas being used to sell glue to account directors being less creative than ants, our tasteless stories continue to make quite a splash in the industry including being featured in AdWeek and other ‘real’ industry publications.

Check it out here at your own risk.
Career goals of a graphic designer
New app zapps designers who use over-used fonts
the life of a creative idea
Website awards
Feedback Loop
Uses for a Wacom tablet
The death card for all good ideas

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